Digital Connect To The Digital World,

Digital Video Deejay Entertainment (DC2DW DVDJ Entertainment)

was establish on January 15, 2013.  The company was designed to provided digital entertainment and support for social, military, educational, religious and fraternal type events.  The company is well known for its dedicated practice for providing a "family oriented" environment for all the events that they provide support for.  With their "clean music" policy, DC2DW is well known throughout the Fayetteville, NC and surrounding community for its volunteer services and ability to offer discounted prices for fund raisers and positive community events.  DC2DW DVDJ Entertainment is also well known for its wedding day support packages and reasonable prices.  The company takes pride in providing top notch services and tries to do what they can to be very supportive and go the extra mile to take care of the customer. 

Mario Hardy

The owner and deejay for

DC2DW DVDJ Entertainment



Deejay Experience 

20+ years experience as a Audio Deejay

10+ years experience as a Video Deejay 


Education Background

U.R.T.S Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism (2020)

 Associate Degree of Applied Science in Business Administration

Meeting and Event Planning


Associate Degree of Applied Science in Computer Network Systems 

Military Background

Retired: US Army SFC 21 Years

Transportation Management (88N)

Highlights of Mario's Skills and Abilities

•Business Owner

•Professional M/C Expert

•Professional Disc Jockey

•Entertainment Event Planner

•Event Director

•Audio Technician

•Lighting Technician

•Video Technician

•Media Technician

•Referral Service

•Sound Engineer & Sound

•Interactive Entertainment

•Crowd Motivator

•Creative Involvement

•Problem Solver