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SERVICES (This is a package service company; we do not provide individual services only packages)

Digital Video Deejay Service

Up Lighting

Digital Video Deejay Service

Enhance the dance floor experience with music videos and a dance camera.  Watch yourself dance on a LED TV screen like a superstar or let the music video show you how to do the dance.

Up Lighting

Equipped with 56 light systems for up lighting and light effects, we are able to highlight your event, theme and decor with the right color glow!

Bring out the smooth details of your event with the right light effects.

Guest Secondary Photography

Secondary Photography Support

These pictures are not your high end professional photography pictures but good pictures of your guest enjoying the event and having a great time.

Video and Photo Presentation

Selfie Station (Small Photo Booth)


Video and Photo Presentation

Highlight your special day with a special video tribute that tells the story of your special path to this great moment in time.  You provide the pictures and video clips and we design the special video tribute.

Selfie Station ( Small Photo Booth )

The Selfie Station is design to capture pictures of your guest enjoying their time at your event.  The Selfie Station can be set up as digital guest book or a interactive photo booth. After taking pictures, your guest can text or email the picture to themselves.  At the end, you get a full digital collection of all pictures taken. 

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